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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  September 2, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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weekend. we start with breaking news, there are reports american journalist steven sotloff was beheaded by isis. the white house said the intelligence community is working as quickly as possible to determine if the video is genuine. this is a freeze frame from the alleged video, is sis has not officially released the footage but sotloff has been missing since august of 2013. the reported murder comes a week after sotloff's mother made a plea to isis to release her son. >> i ask you to please release my child. as a mother i ask your justice to be merciful and not punish my son for matters he has no control over. >> sotloff's alleged killing
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comes two weeks after american journalist james foley was murdered by isis, president obama delivered these stern remarks the day after foley's death. >> jim foley's life stands in stark contrast to his killer's. let's be clear about isil, they have rampaged across cities and villages killing innocent unarmed civilians in could you ardly act of violence. the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. when people harm americans anywhere, we do what's necessary to see justice is done and we act against isil standing alongside others. >> in the latest alleged video, isis threatens to murder a third man, british hostage, david hainz. all corners are criticizing president obama on not having a plan for isis in syria.
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here is senator dianne feinstein who chairs the senate select committee on intelligence. >> i think i've learned one thing about this president and that is he's very cautious. maybe in this instance too cautious. i do not that the military and state department and know that others have been putting plans together. and so hopefully those plan will coalesce into a strategy that can encourage that coalition from arab nations and you know, jordan is in jeopardy, lebanon and uaa and other countries are in jeopardy. >> we start our discussion tonight with john garamendi. good to have you with us tonight. i want to know off the top, your perspective if this video is real, if there was an execution,
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what does this change for the united states and the strategy at this point and the discussion? >> i think it changes nothing except determination to get these people and to put this thing to rest. we have a strategy in place, already being played out, certainly in iraq. we are bombing isil. we are going about the business of putting together the coalition such as senator feinstein just discussed, kerry will be in the middle east. the nato meeting is underway tomorrow. the president is going to be in estonia, probably more to do with the ukrainian situation. but there's definitely a strategy that is in place to bring into the community into the area the community of nations in that area. and continue striking isil, the united states government using our extraordinary resources went
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after the leader of al shabab in somalia and probably took him out using hellfire missiles and other assets. for those folks in isil, mhe better be watching over his shoulder. we need to know where he may be, whether syria or iraq. i think he's in serious jeopardy and should be. >> do you think the air strikes should intensify? are they at a level that needs to be increased at this point. >> it's about being measured and deliberate. you've got to know what you need to accomplish, what is your goal. we've been very successful thus far in stopping the advance of isil. we've got the mosul dam back, erbil is no longer jeopardized. with the air strikes and with the iraqi and kurdish forces have neutralized on one more
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city in northern iraq. those things are coming together. there's time now for the iraqi military to get back on its feet. let's remember when isis invaded iraq three iraqi divisions simply melted away. so now that needs to be put back together again. a lot of problems, political problems in iraq have been stabilized. maliki is gone. new prime minister in place, new government being formed and quite possibly and hopefully, a reconciliation between the two factions, sunni and shias in iraq. these are extremely important steps and all of that is taking place. when they say there's no strategy, in fact there is a strategy and it is being put together. now exactly what we do in syria is yet to be determined. but i'm willing to bet that there's a hellfire missile
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heading to mr. abadi's bedroom. >> congressman, considering the fact that this appears to be stand ard operating procedure, is the answer to isis just not going to fit the 24-hour news cycle. that this is far more detailed than what american patience might call for at this point? and i ask that with the backdrop of what happened in iraq in 2003. the mistakes that were made there, almost brought this country to the point of different kind of resolve and certain amount of patients. this is something we'll have to live with. i'm not trying to put words in your mouth but it seems all of the answers i'm getting for people weighing in on this, fighting isis and containing them and limiting them and eliminating them doesn't fit the pushbutton mentality response that the american people are expecting. your thoughts on that? >> i think you're on the right track. we've got to be measured and got
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to know what is the actual situation. we saw what happened in iraq in 2003 when we simply had either bad intelligence or whatever else you want to say about that particular period, you want to be very cautious but not restrained from appropriate action when you have a clear plan in mind. and there's clarity in what the president and administration is doing. all of those things are now taking place and the assets are clear -- the military assets are clearly in place with the ongoing bombing holding back isil. >> do you think congressman, that if there was a wave of attacks or air strikes on syrian soil there would be a big pushback from members of congress if the president were to get that aggressive? >> probably not. it depends exactly what the purpose of those air strikes are. if you're going after the
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leadership probably not. but let's keep in mind that the war powers act is operating today. the president has sent the appropriate message to congress and by october the 6th, congress must respond either to stop all action or to clarify what action should be taken, limited or not limited. those are very serious questions that congress has to take up within the next month and week. and we will. we need to have clear information from the administration from the pentagon and state department and then get about writing the appropriate resolution either limited or unlimited or whatever is appropriate as we determine in our hearings. >> so, if the news were to come out within the next 24 hours that american warships have delivered air strikes in syria, you think that that would be acceptable, that you don't --
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under the war powers act in the ability and executive authority of the president, commander in chief has right now that would be in the framework of going after isis? >> i think your last few words are the key ones here. the framework of going after isis. i think that the president does have that given the fact that two americans have been killed and others threatened. he does have the aauthority to protect americans and american interest. and so i think the answer is yes but again, exactly what is the area strike, limited, targeted, probably okay. >> good to have you with us tonight, appreciate your time so much on the ed show. joining me now is senior fellow at the senter for american progress lawrence corb and michael o'hanlon, director of research at brookings institution.
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michael, you first what if president obama starts hitting syria, does that cause any kind of constitutional problem? that the proper response? your thoughts. >> i think a syria strategy and congressman was right, we have some elements of a strategy here, in some way he understated the agreement to which he had, the beginnings of one. but also for congress to approve the half billion dollars that the president requested back in june forearming and training the syrian opposition. i support that request and if you combine that with american air power, you have the beginnings of a potentially effective military response. it's going to take a while in syria. whether or not congress votes directly on authorizing any military action in syria, i think if that aid were presented or testified to as part of an
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overall package that includes the possible use of american air power as well, congress will have its say in approving the money and that's going to be a crucial piece of any success in syria. that's where i would say congress could have the most useful role. >> if this video is real and an execution did take place, do you think that the culture of congress that it will speed up the access that the president has to have and funds to go along with it, will this change the handling of this crisis in any way? >> well, i hope so because i think it's important for all of members of congress rather than sort of convincing on the sidelines to take a vote and say where they stand on this. too many members want to have it both ways. i agree with congress, that's one thing, if we go after like we did to get bin laden or
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leader of al shabab, that's different than an all-out air campaign. i would disagree with mike. i think congress if they approve the money for the free syrian army, that does not include an a all-out air war to support them. i think they should be separate votes. >> what about that, michael? >> larry has a lot of wisdom and experience on this issue. i see his point. i think the administration at least owes congress the explanation that part of the overall policy for syria will include the possible use of air power. in a pure sense, i agree, that it would be nice if congress would separately vote for that. but they should consider that as one component of what a syria policy has to entail. if that's part of the vote on the $500 million for the syrian opposition, they will at least have supported the air of air power, provided the full policy is presented to them in advance. i could settle for it, even if
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larry has the stronger argument in pure constitutional terms. >> okay, michael, again, these videos, this what appears to be standard operating procedure by these radical islamists, isis, is that an attempt to get america outraged to engage with them on the ground? is that something as you see totally out of question? >> it's an excellent question, we do have to keep our emotions in check on such a terrible day after such a terrible tragedy. i think the explanation is even simpler. it reflects where this group it coming from. their very core nature. you play the clip of president obama explaining how he views this group. there's nothing defensive about what this group is doing or trying to accomplish. the beheadings are sort of in their dna, part and parcel of how they operate. maybe they would like to see us involved but i doubt it. they are better off hoping we
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stay out because if we get involved with any kind of sustained air campaign in iraq or some of the mentors for the iraqi army that i would favor, larry probably doesn't, but let him speak for himself. if we got more involved that would make it harder for isis to hold on to cities it currently controls and wind up losing what they've got. it would be a big strategic mistake to goed us into more action. >> what about that mr. korb, why are they doing this? they are trying to say this is a second answer for america and there will be more coming and it seems to be this is what they are going to do. are they baiting america to ground troops? your thoughts? >> no, basically they think -- they are correct, we do value human life so much that it will stop us from doing anything. they are making a terrible mistake because what it's done is allows the president to do much more than the american people would have wanted given the disaster we had in iraq back
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in starting in 2003. >> they are their own worsenmys by doing this. this is who they are and i think it will also help us get the other countries in the middle east most of them whom have very disagree a lot on how to handle syria up to now to support going after isis. >> if this doesn't motivate other countries to get on board with the united states, what will? >> you know, i'm not that frustrated with other countries and not that frustrated with president obama. i disagree on some pieces of this but this is a hard problem. i think rather than phrase the question in those terms, i would simply say, what can rewe realistically expect from each ally in this equation. jordan, we have to hope they can protect their own country. that's the realistic expectation
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for jordan. the key player here is the iraqi army in protecting their own country and taking back sunni arab parts of iraq from isis. that's the key partner we really need to focus on more than any other right now. i think with this new iraqi government, that president obama wisely helped mid wife and helped encourage there's a chance the iraqi army will now fight the way it's supposed to. >> all right, michael o'hanlon, lawrence korb, thanks so much for joining us. president obama kicks off the campaign season by talking to union workers in wisconsin. wisconsin gubernatorial candidate mary burke is here to weigh on scott walker's failures and more. >> the immigration debate heats up as president obama promises action and slams inaction. we're right back on "the ed show. driver 1 you ready?
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welcome back, president obama and vice president biden visited the middle of the country on ralabor day and both made passionate cases to give working americans a raise. many are calling these visits the first campaign events of the season. it's tradition and no surprise that the president and vice president are kicking off campaign season with people who actually put them in office, union workers. going to be desperately needed in the next 60 some odd day. vice president biden rallied with hundreds of workers in detroit on monday. he spok at the annual labor day parade with james hoffa, wasting no time highlighting the growing income gap in america. it's a theme we talk often about on the ed show. corporate profits are sky high while workers are barely getting by. >> we when american corporation
2:21 pm
profits have skyrocketed to over 1 trillion, 800 billion dollars, why are they only investing 9% of all of those profits in expansion, in wages and research and development? 91% goes to ceo salaries and stockholders. what's wrong with this picture, folks? one of the reasons we're not growing because ordinary people have no money in their pockets for their wages. they are not being rewarded. >> biden slammed republicans for the well documented war on labor. there have been right to work legislation passed in 24 states. >> if you listen to the other side, this i call them the new republican party, this is not your father's republican party. when companies were unbolting their equipment and moving overseas, they claim it was
2:22 pm
because you were fighting for basic living wage and they had to go somewhere else. there's been a war on labor's house. this new republican party has everybody asking questions like, are unions too strong? think about this. think about what you read an see in the paper. you hear a question like, are corporations overtaxed? what in the hell are we talking about? >> the vice president of the united states made a heated case to the give the middle class americans a raise. >> my dad used to say, joey, a job is about a lot more than a paycheck, it's about your dignity. it's about your place in your community. it's about who you are. it's about being able to look your kid in the eye and say, honey, it's going to be okay. that's what a job is about.
2:23 pm
and ladies and gentlemen, you can't do that unless you get a fair wage. >> a lot of talk about hillary. what worker in america can take issue with what that man just said? the vice president who is thinking about running. this is a type of speech we should be hearing from every person running from office. the message of economic populism has got to stand. it's what the midterm is going to be all about. meanwhile president obama was in wisconsin making a passionate case for workers and the president flew to where, milwaukee where he was greeted by none other than anti-union, scott walker. he spoke to a crowd of union leaders where he was joined by leo gir ard and service employees international union mary kay henry and said the economy raz rebounded because of
2:24 pm
hard working middle class folks. >> i want to see the guy breaking his back on two eight-hour shifts to send his kids to college, i want to make sure he's getting a break. and that woman who worked 40 years be able to retire with dignity and respect. that's how i measure progress, not just how the economy is doing overall but for folks working so hard. that's the family i grew up in. that's the family michelle's family grew up in. this country gave me a chance. and gave michelle a chance. a believe in the american dream because i have lived it. [ applause ] and i ran for this office to restore it for everybody so no matter what you look like and no matter where you came from, no matter how you started, you can make it in america if you try. >> very interesting strategic move by the president because
2:25 pm
those kinds of things cannot be spoken by the man who is the governor right now of wisconsin. it's no surprise the president visited ground zero in his fight for workers and workers rights in this country. now, if you compare president oba obama's record to the union busting governor scott walker, it's day and night. not even close. president obama under his watch have seen 53 straight months of private sector job growth. states that have raised the minimum wage, which walker is against, have seen growth, more so than those who haven't. president obama raised taxes on the so-called job creators and bush tax cuts expired and taken executive action to raise minimum wage for federal contractors and made it possible for millions of americans to get quality affordable health care through obama care. wall street is not complaining. president obama is pro-worker and america is in a better place for it. meanwhile, i think the president should be going to all of these states where the governors have
2:26 pm
failed, for instance, wisconsin, great start, mr. president. scott walker is an anti-union and of course wisconsin is worse off because of it. walker has passed sweeping anti-union legislation attacking public sector up ons. on monday president obama called out walker on backwards agenda. >> after all of the unions have done to build and protect working americans, i know it's frustrating when people have the gal to blame you for the problems facing working americans. i know you have some experience with that around here. >> walker is against raising the minimum wage and refused to set up a state exchange or expand medicaid under obama care. his radical agenda shows in the job performance. look at the numbers, from december of 2010 to december of 2013, wisconsin ranked 35th nationally in private sector job growth. every state bordering wisconsin has a higher job rate than the
2:27 pm
badger state. wisconsin is dead last in the midwest when it comes to job growth. how could that be if walker has got all the answers? wisconsin job growth isn't even close to what walker had promised. in 2010 he pledged 250,000 new jobs by the end of the first term. didn't happen. couldn't each reach half of that. that's what walker's radical anti-union republican policies have brought wisconsin. when the president got off the airplane over the weekend, i hope it was just a great handshake from scottie, because he needs help from the president. now, you can vote republican or you can vote for the party that bets on the american worker. >> most of the policies i'm talking about have two things in common. they are going to help more working families get ahead and the republicans who run our congress oppose almost all of them. >> i want an economy where your hard work pays off with higher
2:28 pm
wages and higher incomes and fair pay for women. and workplace flexibility for parents. and affordable health insurance and decent retirement benefits. i'm not asking for the moon. i just want a good deal for american workers. >> for more, let me bring in mary burke, the democratic candidate for governor in wisconsin. i appreciate your time. it seems that what the president was talking about was all about scott walker. what do you see as walker's biggest failure? >> well, ed, it's great to be with you here tonight and there's, well unfortunately there's way too many. his jobs failure is number one. he promised 250,000 jobs were nowhere close to that. we're dead last in the midwest in terms of job growth and when he made that promise, his jobs
2:29 pm
plan, it was four pages long. and if you take out the pictures of himself, it was more like two. the people of wisconsin deserve better. we deserve a well thought out plan. if you're going to make political promises to win our votes, we deserve a plan on how we're going to get there. the people and hard working people of wisconsin that i talked to every single day, they want a governor that's going to put the people of wisconsin ahead of special interest, that puts common sense ahead of the politics and that believes in bringing people together because that's how we do our best work and that's how we're going to get results. that's the kind of governor i'm going to be. >> mary burke, how much have these legal problems that scott walker has had, especially as of late showing e-mails that he has been in campaigning and coordinating campaigns which is against wisconsin law. how much does that play to your favor? how much do you capitalize on that? is that a focal point of your
2:30 pm
campaign? >> it's not going to be a focal point, ed. jobs is what people are focused on here. but certainly the court should be able to determine whether laws were broken here and by frankly by what we have heard, $700,000 from a mining company who then benefits from legislation that was passed to allow a four-mile open pit mine in the northern part of the state and that that was coordinated with scott walker's campaign, frankly, if it's not illegal, it should be. >> would you be labor frepdly on heels of labor day and president of the united states speaking the labor groups and wage earners in your state, could you stand and say i will be labor friendly? >> absolutely. i am there to support hard working men and women of wisconsin. we need to have an increase in the minimum wage. it's ridiculous to think that people can survive without government assistance on $7.25
2:31 pm
an hour. i want to make sure that people are able to have that pride of a job and support themselves and their families, we have to increase the minimum wage. i'm in favor of restoring collective bargaining. that doesn't stand in the way of having effective and accountable and efficient state government. we also have to make sure we're able to attract and keep good people in our public sector. i was a business executive at trek bicycle, i know an organization is only as good as it's people. i want to make sure we have a strong public sector. i talked to a guy named jim just recently and he told me how his daughter, hard working student, graduated in education at uw o clair, got two job officers, one in her home town of nina and one in a cool district in minnesota. guess which she's taking? we want to keep our young people here in wisconsin and creating the opportunities and have the type of work environment where they want to stay.
2:32 pm
>> well, it is a race to follow, polls show you're neck in neck with the current governor. and democratic voters, i hope they are energized, it's going to be a very important election, no question about it. i'm looking forward to see how this all unfolds, mary burke, we'll have you back. appreciate your time tonight. we'll do it again, thank you. >> thanks, ed, good to be with you. >> you bet. still ahead, the immigration debate rages on as both sides attempt to stall the issue. congressman luis gutierrez weighs in on whether we'll see movement before the november elections. plus, former house speakerer did cantor scores a cozy new gig thanks to his wall street cronies, we're right back. ups is a global company, but most of our employees
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about the president obama's cautious approach to what's happening in ukraine and syria? let's take syria and isis. look, i think as our intelligence gets better and air strikes are going to intensify and that is the correct path until we get a big coalition to do what we have to do against isis, no matter what the president does, he'll be criticized by conservatives. rapid response panel is next. i'm jane wells with your cnbc market wrap. the dow is down 30 days and s&p 500 falls 1 but nasdaq added over 17. home depot may have been the target of a massive credit card breach. the retailer says it's looking into some unusual activity and shares of home depot fell 2% on that news. manufacturing growth in the u.s. was strong in august, closely watched gauge of activity rose more than expected to the best level in over three
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president obama is getting pressure from all sides on immigration reform. in june the president signaled he would use executive power to go it alone. now just two months before the midterm elections the president is being pressured by members of his own party to delay action on immigration. senate democrats fighting close midterm races are worried about the broader political ramificatio ramifications. they are looking to avoid a september surprise is what they call it. but president obama isn't letting the pressure stop him from continuing to call out republicans on the issue. >> when unions and ceos, when law enforcement and evangelical
2:41 pm
community and folks who usually don't agree on anything agree that we should be fixing our broken immigration system but the republicans in the house of representatives had been sitting on a bill for more than a year, it ain't right. >> joining me tonight, illinois congressman luis gutierrez, good to have you with us tonight. >> thanks, ed. >> what is your response? >> you bet. >> to democrats who want the president to wait until after the midterms to do something on immigration policy reform or executive order, what about that? >> that every day 1,000 people are deported. every day we live children without a mom or dad. every day our country is less secure. you were talking about isis in our war. you know what, let's put our energy and our resources into those who would cause harm. the president can take millions of people and simply put their fingerprints on file with the fbi. let us know where they are at
2:42 pm
and who they are. and make our country more secure. then use those resources to make sure that the homeland is more secure. our economy, we need -- look, the fruit and vegetables we eat every day, they are pick by foreign hands in this country. we know that. 70% are undocumented. shouldn't they get a fair wage and fair break in this country? >> when democrats do the right thing for security, for our economy, and for justice and fairness, we win, the president wants to be bold and wants to be broad and generous. he should be. >> so you want him to move and put all political calculation off. >> yes absolutely. >> what if he doesn't do anything? what does that do before the midterms to the hispanic vote. >> here's what i say, they are afraid that angry older people might come out to vote. but they are coming out to vote, ed. the question is, are you going to give young people, women,
2:43 pm
people latino and immigrants, give them a motivation to come out to vote in the midterm election or say no because we're afraid of other folks that will never vote for us? we have to stand on principle and for our values as a democratic party. let me just say, if it just was about the lgbt community, we would not be having this conversation. if this was about reproductive rights for women, we would not be having this conversation. if this was about voting rights and civil rights, we would not be having this conversation. we should not be having this conversation about the rights of immigrants. the president wants to do the right thing and democrats should allow and get out of the way of this president doing the right thing. i think president barack obama wants to do the right thing. he has indicated that. he's -- look, he's the one i voted for. let that man stand up and lead for america. and i think the democrats should step aside. >> congressman luis gutierrez, great to have you with us. thanks so much for joining us. let me bring in mary alina
2:44 pm
campina, does a timetable make a difference? the midterms in terms of an election coming up, does the timetable make a difference? >> thanks for invitation, absolutely not. as congressman gutierrez just said, the time is now for the president to lead. he made a promise on june 30th and needs to follow through on that promise. if we wait until after the november elections we're talking about almost 100,000 families ripped apart because of the current deportation levels. we can't allow that. we just celebrated labor day and workers would benefit from this. we can't continue to allow abuse of employers to exploit workers because they don't have work authorization. this is good for workers and immigrants and the economy and it's time for the president to lead and not to be short sided and not let politics play be the
2:45 pm
deciding factor. >> what would another delay signal to the hispanic groups this this country, progressives and activists fighting for reform? >> it will show that they will have lost faith in the president because he will not have followed through on his promise from june 30th, second it will show that the democrats are also playing politics with our communities and we know, ed, that the democratic party time and time again stands up for workers and stands up for women for working people and families and immigrants. if the democrats play politics and use the short sided effect, people will stay home. not only in the november mid-term elections but stay home in 2016. and the opportunity to lead both by the president and democratic party will have been lost. >> i appreciate your time tonight. thanks so much. >> thank you, ed. >> solar energy and the clean coal myth and that's what it is.
2:46 pm
what americans can do right now to combat climate change. and i'll show you a real change. stay with us.
2:47 pm
if energy could come from anything?. or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything.
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welcome back to "the ed show." coal is a carbon belching power which contributes eight times more energy than all of the nation's wind and solar generation combined. we're hooked on coal. how can we make a difference? there are clean alternatives such as solar and wind. the technology is moving fast, although conservatives are trying to derail efforts. >> is it fair to say that the administration's political goal here, economic goal, is to eliminate coal power from the u.s. economy? >> the reason we have been calling this a war on coal is that's what it is. the president said it in 2008 before he was elected. he meant it and he's keeping his commitment. >> the thing that's frustrating when you do the research on solar power and see how effective it can be, you think about the united states, our country, we use 5% of our energy
2:55 pm
on solar and wind. why? why is that? it's the oil lobby, the coal lobby? wait a minute, it's us. we have to decide as a country that we want to be clean. it can be done. my family and i decided to move towards a cleaner future by installing solar panels in a major solar operation at our lodge in canada. >> this is now here at north country lodge in manitoba the largest off-grid solar operation in all of manitoba and ontario and one with of the largest in western canada. now these 48 panels were flown in and constructed by solar solutions. we are producing 14 kilowatt. when you have a sthee day like this, the batteries store up the energy. you can go for hours and when they get to a full charge you can go 24 hours without backup
2:56 pm
generation. we cut through the wood prs the solar panels to the generation house. we synch them together. we still have to use the generators a little bit to bring up the battery power when it's a cloudy day. but it is a huge savings, a huge reduction. it really is shg else. this is the electrical switch. it runs from diesel generators. this is 30 kilowatt. we have a 56 kilowatt. it's more power than you could imagine. this is dirty technology. if someone had told me five years ago. coal-fired power plants are the largest contributors to the
2:57 pm
atmospheric co2. it reached 400 parts per million for the first time in human history. lawmakers and conservatives need to understand the long-term consequence consequences. >> we 'd like solar and wind power to be affordable. in the meantime if you think hammering corporation wills stop the fires in california oh or storms like sandy, you're nults. >> the biggest challenge is convincing people that this is the right way to go. when they see it, when we saw it, our eyes were open to something that was just absolutely amazing. the technology is advancing all the time. when you take the first step to go solar you think, oh, is this going to work? we were skeptical. but you see the power of it. you see how clean it is. it is really a great feeling. the kids are seeing it, the
2:58 pm
grandkids. it's transforming how they view energy. if we don't take the there is plenty of money to be made when it comes to solar, wind and alternative energies. so we are proud of the fact we have been able to do this. we have seen it on a personal level. >> michael brun, executive director of the sierra club joins us tonight. good to have you with us. doing the story and going through process. there is a propaganda war in this country. your thought sths. >> there is a prop are gan da war to defend the status quo. congratulations, ed. what you did is. they are taking control of their energy, cutting costs, cutting
2:59 pm
pollution, creating jobs and they are helping to move our country and up in canada as well into the future. what we see is an opportunity to solve multiple problems with one solution. using solar and wind is a great way to do it. >> communities can do this. consortiums can be put together. the idea this is too expensive is wrong. o'reilly doesn't know what he's talking about. it's amazing. we have cut our fuel by over 90% with this investment. how can the country say no to that? >> it's awesome. my wife and i put solar on our roof a couple years ago. you don't often get the chance to save money and cut pollution at the same time. every time a church or a business or a family installs solar, they are creating jobs right in their community and they are also helping to make our country more competitive by
3:00 pm
letting the industries grow. >> the future is exciting. the technology is amazing. michael, good to have you with us. i appreciate your time. we'll do more stories on clean energy coming up. that's kwo"the ed show." "politics nation" starts now. good evening, rev. >> good evening. thanks for tuning in. tonight's lead, the second purported beheading of an american journalist by isis. a video released by the terrorist monitoring group appears to show the execution of freelance journalist steven sodlov who was kidnapped last year in syria. the video comes two weeks after an isis militant beheaded another american journalist, james foley. the masked militant who killed foley appears to be the same man in the video. he speaks engli


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